Welcome to CARE

The Collaboratory of AIDS Researchers for Eradication (CARE) is a New Vision for HIV Research

CARE aims to do what no single laboratory or company can do: pursue a comprehensive collaborative search for approaches to eradicate HIV

CARE brings together some of the leading minds from top U.S. academic institutions in the field of HIV latency as well as the pharmaceutical industry in a joint consortium whose mission is to find a cure for HIV.

By working together and leveraging research and resources across this consortium, the Collaboratory gives members access to technologies and tools to accelerate the work of finding a cure. 

In addition, the Collaboratory's resources will be made available to interested investigators who have a track record in the field of HIV research or researchers who have a highly meritorious idea aligned with our research objectives.

CARE's efforts are being done in honor of Martin Delaney, a pioneer in the field of HIV research and activism. This Collaboratory, much like his life's work, will bring cutting edge technology and the collaborative research endeavors of the leaders in the field of HIV research together to accelerate the development and dissemination of promising new HIV treatments.